Video of a man bouncing from the highest point of 24-story building and Marvelously surviving has circulated around the web


What number of you have looked down the bluff before going bungee-bouncing and nearly observed your most exceedingly awful dread blaze before your eyes — imagine a scenario where the rope snaps and the parachute neglects to explode.

Indeed, you probably making the most of your bungee-hopping knowledge enterprise okay, yet this man had a wonderful escape from death as his parachute bombed amidst a bounce yet he figured out how to arrive alive at any rate. A video of a man, who is supposedly an experience addict, bouncing from a 24-story building standing 246 feet tall has turned into a web sensation. Actually no, not on account of the hop was incredible (which it definitely was). Yet additionally in light of the fact that he figured out how to arrive with simply a few wounds while his parachute-fall flat loathsomeness could have brought about his passing itself! As per a report by The Sun, the recording of the base jumper was taped in Sweden.

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